The studio's debut title is RPG/FMV hybrid Headspun - a game that casts players as the director of Cortex; the world of the human brain. Headspun is due for release on PC, September 2018.

Headspun: Dazed Edition - an early access prelude to the full release - is available exclusively on now!


Superstring's second project already has a prototype and a really fancy pitch deck ready to show the right people. It's probably a good idea to get our first project out the door first, but we can't wait to share more on what's around the corner...


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Superstring is lucky in that it's managed as the side-project of somebody who works a day job in AAA Brand Management for a major games publisher. We'd love to share a bit of that knowledge and experience with other indies who might be struggling on the marketing side of the fence. Drop us a line with a link to your project and challenges and we can have a chat.!


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